The new Cle collection shows its loyalty to the strong Cartier watch making tradition (flinque dial, blue sword shaped hand, Rome numserals - the first is blue, and sapphire Cabochon). However, de Cle, Cartire (which means "key" in French) introduces a new idea, thanks to its singular patented rectangular winding and setting techniques, instead of the traditional crown, on the right-hand side of the watch. This type was disconcerted at first and a highly addictive feature (you can rotate it anytime you desire). And the shape of the new case is curved perfectly to fit your wrist. De Cle Cartire, the line has a variety of sizes (31 days 35 or 40 mm), which will be suitable for men and women very well. It is made from all kinds of materials by creating a mature collection and the number of models existing is being made larger. A totally new stunning collection of bicolor models made with gold and steel is now available in stores. This is the first batch of white or pink or gold which has no diamonds in SIHH since April 2015 has been introduced in the store. 29 days of choice makes a huge variation currently available. A new in-house caliber 1847 MC (three hands, date) is totally visible through the light blue crystal replica watch back. Its name refers to the year the Maison was founded and to the Manufacture Cartier replica watches. This is only the starting point for replica Cartier. The Cle de Cartier will add a whole new dimension, thanks to a 35 mm ladies' white gold, diamond-bezel edition, dominated by a flying tourbillion. This kind of innovation, the new design has put forward the new HK watch to be the miracle. At the end of this year, he will find more surprises and commitments to the next edition of the SIHH exception.