After a period of time, there is little discussion on whether or not the date is really complicated function or not. In my opinion, this is, let's say or assume that chronograph is actually the most fashionable complications. Perhaps this is the most useful mechanical complications, in addition to date.

Mechanical complications

I emphasize the 'mechanics' here, every 15 Euros Casio has a chronograph (or "stopwatch") function. In the world of mechanical replica watches, the chronograph is actually a pretty interesting, most importantly, the complex development of complications.

Other complications of complex mechanical replica watches, such as the tourbillon, moon phase indication, aperpetual calendar or a minute repeater sounds even more interesting to have a watch, but you can ask yourself the question, whether these are very useful complications. It was good to "listening", if you lie in bed at dark night, but you may also have a one night stand clock radio. Tourbillon is a remarkable complication to gain influence in the balance of gravity, but because you probably will not use a pocket replica watch (in a nice location), you may precision replica watches enough. And so on.

Being helpful

The chronograph is - in my opinion - one of the most useful complications a fake watch can have, besides the aforementioned date feature. Chronograph allows you to record the daily activities of the elapsed time: when a particular event or moment that you have completed a certain amount of distance, time your pizza or cooking activity. My wife with her chronograph a lot when she was cooking dinner guests for example. I've used my chronographs to time certain computing activities, elapsed time of traveling certain distances and yes, timing the pizza in the oven when I had one without an integrated timer.

It saved Apollo 13

Admittedly, the use of my personal experience chronograph is not exciting moments mistakes at Daytona Speedway, or even better, save from the horrible death of Apollo 13 crew: This is Apollo 13's mechanical chronograph wrist, one astronaut with their rocket safely into the atmosphere again, instead of being burned exact length.

In addition to being a possible savior to help and / or kitchen timer also looks cool. Although a tourbillon cage looks silly in a diving watch, for example, you can look cool chronograph sports watch, a dress watch, yes, even a pocket watch. Not only in the dial with moving hands more sub dial, the fake watch will also have one or two additional buttons; sometimes even three if it is a split timer (for example, to measure an additional lap).

A chronograph chronometer exists but a chronograph is not the same as a chronometer. A commonly made mistake (still!) is that people confuse the word chronograph for a chronometer or vice versa. These are two different things. Chronometer replica watches are very accurate indication means and implementation of specific criteria (performance very accurately, and according to tests by the Swiss Official Chronometer Institute, also known as standards developed by the French acronym COSC). This means that a chronograph chronometer replica watches can be complex too.

Thus, once and for all, please do not confuse a Chronometer or chronograph. Your chronograph replica watch is either a chronometer as well or it isn't. The world's most famous Chronograph chronometer is Rolex Daytona may be. The most famous chronograph, this is not an astronomical clock may be the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Yes, even here there are exceptions (such as Omega produced a Speedmaster Professional Chronometer in the past).