If you do not actively fake watch online community, this article ("Exit Watch") may confuse you a bit. It mainly refers to your ultimate watch, you final timepieces. If you have a collection of replica watches, a "Exit Watch" will be an end of it to your "passion." The Holy Grail, replica watches and other replica watches stop doing what you desire, or just watch, you will keep forever, and all the others you sell or stored.

Where the phrase "Exit Watch" came from is not entirely clear, but it is widely used in forums and blogs to indicate that a certain fake watch might be 'worthy' to end-up with in the end. This "Exit Watch" can be completely different from person to person, of course. Where a stainless steel Rolex Submariner might be the "Exit Watch" for one, it could be an A. Lange & Sohne Datograph for others.

Finally, it is about you can imagine yourself wearing your fake watch later life. This does not necessarily mean it is the most expensive replica watches in there, or Grande Complication watch, it might even be an old-fashioned watch.

It gets worse, because you become a more sophisticated fake watch collectors over time. You will find that your "Exit Watch" need a little brothers or sister on the side. An A. Lange & Sohne Datograph is a beautiful, but not suitable for all purposes. You will still find yourself reaching for divers watch, or when you want to go swimming or fake watch a bit more festive anti-child or other types of sports watches. Is there an "exit watch" must be an all-rounder? Ideally, it should be. But the fake watch is the perfect all-rounder, you can wear forever?

You see, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the perfect "Exit Watch":

- Design

Make sure it is a design that either fits your life style (classic, sporty, military, or even Bauhaus). An iconic design would be a safe bet (Nautilus, Calatrava, Submariner, Day-Date, Navitimer, Tank, Reverso, etc.) but perhaps also not exciting enough for some. In any case, a design should be timeless. Only a few replica watches get away with typical designs that can easily be linked to a certain era.

- Movement

Almost without exception, to a mechanical movement. However, make sure that it can in the remaining time, where you have to service or repair at any time or at least. So, if an independent fake watch brand may be your "exit watch" to ensure his fake watch can service or repair, for example, 25 years from now. Sometimes, these independent fake watch provide movement replica watches used by other companies, trying to find out whether they can repair the fake watch in the future if necessary.

Also, if you like to use complex (or more than one) of the watch, make sure you can have it scheduled maintenance. Mechanical complication replica watches sounds interesting, but also keep in mind whether it is suitable for you.

- Materials

Gold/steel might have been very fashionable in the 1980s, today it is considered to be tacky by many fake watch enthusiasts. Choose wisely, white gold, rose gold, or simply stainless steel might not be as exotic as ceramic or forged carbon, but surely is timeless.

- Case diameter

The 45 mm is not uncommon for a sports fake watch now, which is about one centimeter less than 60 years ago. Now, 45 mm is not for everyone, and not for the 35mm, so do not pick a watch, do you think you can be uncomfortable over time. That is easier said than done, but remember that the average diameter of about 40-41mm these days. More importantly, look at the fake watch design and ask ourselves whether the design meets the size. For example, a Royal Oak 'Jumbo' is only 39mm and was considered large in 1972. However, it still looks good. The Rolex sports models didn't change much over the last few decades and 40mm is still spot-on for most of their models. However, give it some thought before you pull the trigger on an "Exit Watch".

Whether you choose a fake watch to be your "Exit Watch", believe you will love it! Do not let it become a Safe Queen. In Chrono24, you will find some recommendations fake watch brand, fake watch type (Classics, Best Sellers, Divers, etc.), or a fake watch with a certain complications (Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar, Chronograph, etc.), which may give you some inspiration.

There's "Exit Watch" the principle of a drawback (or definition, as you wish). The answer is no. Once you decide to go for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak " Jumbo" to "Exit Watch" for example, which is a very realistic scenario, another "Exit Watch" will appear on the horizon, as long as you strap on your Royal Oak wrist.